Remanufactured Truck Engines for Sale

Truck crate engines

No one knows your truck as well as you do. If you’re having engine troubles, just drop in one of our truck crate engines and you’ll be back on the road! We’re especially experienced with diesel truck crate engines.

Truck motors for sale

Why buy new truck engines when, with a rebuilt or remanufactured engine, you can get better-than-new quality for much less? We offer engines for:

  • 6.5 turbo diesel
  • Ford 7.3 diesel
  • 6.5 diesel
  • GMC, Ford, Chevy
  • And more

Protect your truck with the industry’s best warranty

We back up our remanufactured truck crate engines with the industry’s #1 warranty: three years (one or two for diesel), no fault, and unlimited mileage. And if you need just a few truck engine components, we can help—we have a wide selection that’ll keep you running smoothly.

When you’re looking for an engine for your favorite truck, people will try to sell you "rebuilt" engines and say they’ll be high-quality and reliable. Remanufactured engines are the only engines that pass each and every test that a brand new engine does. If a small shop tries to tell you they’ve built a high-quality engine, don’t take the bait. The question is this: is it possible that a product being built in a state-of-the-art, 3000 square foot facility is the same product that’s hacked together in a small garage? It’s impossible to remanufacture an engine to the exacting, better-than-new specs of Gearhead without tons of industry knowledge and lots of heavy machinery. ATK’s remanufacturing plant is the only aftermarket facility in all of North America that holds the prestigious ISO/TS 16949 rating, which is regarded as the strictest auditing system in the auto industry. This means that we have the certifications to build engines for companies like Honda, GM, and Ford. Why settle for an untested engine that someone was able to make run? Trus the largest remanufacturer and seller of engines in the US: Gearhead.

We offer a full line of remanufactured truck engines. These engines are remanufactured by ATK to exacting O.E. specifications and tolerances. Every engine is precisely assembled and Hot-Run tested in the only aftermarket ISO/TS 16949 rated plant in North America. In addition to offering a complete line of top-quality truck engines, Gearhead also serves up a full line of crate engines for nearly all domestic and import cars. We have crate engines for VW, Nissan, Chrysler, Ford, Mitsubishi, and many more. Need a transmission to go with that truck engine? We’ve got you covered, with tons of manual and automatic transmissions.

Yes, our biggest business is still our top-quality remanufactured gasoline engines, but we’ve upped our line to include marine engines, diesel engines, automatic and manual transmissions, turbochargers, and short blocks. Do you need an accessory for your car or light truck? We’ve got that too. We at Gearhead try to operate with a focus on customer satisfaction. If you’d like to talk to us for any reason, please do give us a call.

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